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Who Benefits?

We are seeking support from people like you in order to make a positive difference for our children.Please consider making a contribution today to make a positive impact in the future of a student and our community. Click donate to learn more about how you can assist, support, and enhance FELAE's commitment to improving educational opportunities for the next generation.

Through FELAE's various outreach programs, students, teachers and the entire community benefit from the financial support of contributors like you.

Students Benefit:

Students benefit directly from the provision of school supplies to aid their learning, access to supplies in their classrooms and schools, and through the support of learning programs to supplement and enhance their classroom education.

Teachers Benefit:

Teachers often spend their own money to provide classroom supplies and equipment for their students. FELAE programs ease this financial burden on teachers by assisting with these provisions.

Communities Benefit:

When students learn and prepare for a successful future, the whole community wins through a well-educated and capable workforce, improved economic growth, enriching democratic processes through an educated and informed electorate, etc.

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