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Dr. David R. Allen, Ph.D. – Chairman of the Board of Directors

Dr. Allen is presently the Chairman of Quasar Group, a company specializing in international finance and business development and he is also the President of Allen International Financial Corporation. Dr. Allen's business experience and success includes operating and selling a nuclear pharmacy in Washington State, during his tenure as a faculty member of the University of Washington; financing and operating two other radio-pharmaceutical companies based in Colorado; and functioning as Executive Vice President of a biotechnology company specializing in development of therapeutic radiopharmaceuticals. Dr. Allen is also a Board member of the International Center for Religion and Diplomacy.

Dr. Allen received his B.Sc. in Pharmacy from the University of Kansas and his Ph.D. in Pharmaceutical Sciences from the University of Washington. Dr. Allen is a respected pioneer in the fields of nuclear medicine and nuclear pharmacy and has served in a number of national professional societies. He is author and co-author of a number of scientific articles in nuclear pharmacy and nuclear medicine. He was the first President of the Radiopharmaceutical Science Council, Society of Nuclear Medicine; Chairman, Section on Nuclear Pharmacy, American Pharmaceutical Association; and recently served as President of the Colorado Medical Device Association. CMDA has recently merged with another regional biomedical association to form the Colorado Biosciences Association, which Dr. Allen served as a member of its Board of Directors.

Robert A. Christopfel, CPA – Director & Treasurer of the Board

Robert A. Christopfel holds a MBA in accounting from the University of Cincinnati. Mr. Christopfel brings many years of accounting and business experience to Quasar Group. Mr. Christopfel began his career in the audit department of Touche Ross & Company (Deloitte & Touche), then four more years in the taxation department. Mr. Christopfel is a well-respected lecturing professor in the School of Business, University of Washington. He is a presenter of real estate and tax related courses for such organizations as the AICPA, University of Washington, Experimental College, and Washington Society of CPA's. Mr. Christopfel is currently owner of his own accounting firm in Seattle Washington, specializing in business and taxation.

Aaron H. Sanchez – Director of the Board

Mr. Sanchez has twenty four years of domestic and international FBI experience in crisis management, hostage and extortion facilitation, negotiation, white-collar and drug investigations, training, program evaluation and development, strategic planning and management. He has extensive international private sector experience in the dealing with critical security and crises situations involving all manner of groups and individuals from governmental, military, and religious to guerrilla, terrorist and individual citizens. Mr. Sanchez has served as an expert federal witness regarding political, judicial, social, and human rights conditions in Colombia, Venezuela, Peru, Ecuador, Central America and the Caribbean as well as critical incident crises. In addition, Mr. Sanchez has also worked for the Community Development Foundation for Latin America, and served as a grant writer and instructor for the Navajo Indian Tribe. Mr. Sanchez holds a B.Sc. in Economics and Latin American Studies and Spanish from Mankato State University, has done graduate work in Latin American Studies at the University of Northern Colorado, and took numerous management application courses at select universities and the FBI Academy.

Gina C. Piek Schlieman - Advisor to the Board

A seasoned program and project manager and experienced strategy and policy advisor, Mrs. Schlieman is the founding member of GPS Strategies Group LLC, an Education Systems, Strategic Support, and Governance consulting firm “Supporting the Schools of Tomorrow.” Gina specializes in school design and redesign, education systems and school improvement, and education policy and research for the Colorado and national charter schools sectors and other national and international education partners. For more than five years, Mrs. Schlieman supported and advised two U.S. Senators on Education, Social Policy, Workforce Development, and Economic Competitiveness, and served as chief Advisor to the head of a local education agency in England. Gina subsequently helped run, and later led, the $10-12 million per year federal Charter Schools Program for Colorado, which supports new and expanding charter schools develop and implement and provides technical assistance to all charter schools in the state. Gina maintains expertise in school innovation, comparative education, and international competitiveness with general knowledge of school systems and models from places like England, Saudi Arabia, Sweden, China, and Norway, to name a few. Gina has served on 4 boards (all with officer roles, including two chairmanships) and has actively advised or supported 7 other governing bodies. She currently serves as Board Secretary for Highline Academy, a blue ribbon-winning, diverse multi-campus charter school network focused “inclusive excellence”, and brings her expertise in Governance and Organizational Leadership to the Design Team for Hemispheres Academy. Gina holds a M.S. in Social Policy and Planning from the London School of Economics and Political Science and a B.A. in Social Science, with a concentration in Secondary Education, from Biola University. Gina enjoys singing, dance, and travel, but most of her “free time” is currently spent helping her three young children navigate three languages and cultures simultaneously as they straddle life between Colorado, USA and Oslo, Norway.


The Foundation for Excellence in Learning and Education is a charitable organization, and has applied for charitable nonprofit corporation recognition under the IRS Code 501(c)(3). An electric copy of this application, which also includes FELAE's incorporating documents and bylaws, is available upon request. Financial records are also made available upon request.

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