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FELAE programs provide operational and fulfillment support and/or matching or supplemental funding to partner nonprofit organizations to enable them to carry out campaigns to provide supplies or learning programs that have a direct or indirect impact of improving and enhancing the educational opportunities for disadvantaged individuals and communities.


Donate To FELAE's Online School Supply Drive for Jefferson County!

FELAE has partnered with the Action Center of Jefferson County in order to provide an incredible opportunity for the community to donate funds toward school supplies.FELAE will match your donation up to $10,000! To date, more than $6,000 has been raised! The community is encouraged to continue contributing donations until the $10,000 goal is reached.

Over 5,100 low-income children in Jefferson County received school supplies during the distribution at Wheat Ridge Middle School between August 6-11, 2012 sponsored by the Action Center and FELAE. The estimated retail value of all supplies distributed is $250,000.

Click on the link below for more information and to donate!

Support our School Supply Drive

School Supply Drive Matching Program with Wheat Ridge Presbyterian Church

FELAE awarded a $3,000 matching grant to Wheat Ridge Presbyterian Church to assist them with their annual school supply drive to help students at Kullerstrand Elementary School begin the school year with the supplies they need to be successful in the classroom. The $3,000 raised by Wheat Ridge Presbyterian Church has been matched by FELAE and will help reduce the burden on families who are unable to afford the supplies their children need!


FELAE's School Supply Drive Matching Program is designed to simplify the process of starting and running an online school supply drive. Through this program FELAE will not only match a portion of donations raised, but will also assist organizations with setting up an online donation site and selecting fulfillment options. We hope to assist organizations in leveraging donations through matching funds, in order to support more students and schools in their respective communities.

Click Here to download a flyer describing FELAE's Matching Program.

Click Here to download an application for the Matching Program. Please return completed applications via email to info@FELAE.org or mail to Foundation for Excellence in Learning and Education, P.O. Box 366, Golden, CO 80402-0366.


Vouchers to Teachers and Schools:

As part of our program to help teachers and students obtain the classroom and instructional supplies they need for learning, FELAE is looking for community-based organizations to partner with us to help identify schools that would particularly benefit from a $250 support voucher good toward ordering supplies. Contact Us if you know a school that might be interested.

We Need You!

FELAE is seeking out nonprofit partners already working with disadvantaged groups to see how we might best assist in providing funding and/or operational and fulfillment advice and support to existing or proposed campaigns consistent with FELAE's mission. Examples of campaigns may include but not be limited to campaigns to provide school supplies, classroom supplies, learning aides/equipment, learning programs that enhance the traditional curriculum, learning-based activities/events, or other supplies or programs that have a direct or indirect impact on learning.

Please Contact Us if you would like to learn more about partnering with us and if you have ideas for programs that would be compatible with our vision and mission.

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